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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X

S.A.M. Academy is a leading education organiser with hundreds of events and courses in business, entrepreneurship, tech, personal finance and lifestyle.

We partner with industry experts from all around the world to provide you with practical programs which you can put into action immediately.

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Rieve Ko
Teaches Commodities & Stock Trading

What others have said

“Now I’m a swing trader and make good profit at the end of the month. Life-changing, I have learnt alot from Ammar Rezali and it’s highly recommended for people who are new to trading or for people who want to improve their skills.”

“I enjoy Renaye’s Tarot classes as she keeps it fun and lighthearted and gets everyone involved in learning activities. She has years of experiences in the Tarot arena and teaches ways of using it for options, confirmation, answers and ways forward. Thanks Renaye!”

–  Stephanie Goh

“I really love the trading tech you taught me and am currently trading “scalping” strategy that suits my personality type. So far i have done 15 trades without any major loss. I highly recommend Rieve’s course if you are willing to succeed and improve.”

– Jackson Tan, Remisier from Maybank Kim Eng

“I’ve been investing with Rauf Said (Noble Sky) for since 2018. They are very professional and transparent in their dealings. Every steps of the way I’ll be keep inform. Made some profits over the last 2 years.”

– Kamaruzaman

“I would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning to trade come to Samtrade Academy. I appreciate the clear and very systematic approach to trading the markets. With each class, my trading performance is improved. Good training for moving from a novice to a professional trader with confidence. Thank you Izzat!

–  Ting Fui Boon

My trading improved tremendously after this course. It’s the best. I managed to consistently achieve about 6% to 8% ROI every month. I’ve attended many trading courses before, but this program has managed to give help me achieve consistent results every month. I’ve very easy to follow. Thank you Shidiq!”

– Ben

Daily Charts Analysis

Eurozone PMI shows contraction worsening in January

The composite PMI dropped to 47.5 in January from 49.1 in December. That decline was expected as the December survey was conducted ahead of the more stringent measures introduced in […]

UK unemployment is set to increase further in 2021.

The latest UK data offers hope that, after turbulent autumn, the job market will stabilise towards the end of 2020. Unemployment rose ahead of the originally planned end date for […]

Despite the second wave, Eurozone unemployment remains steady.

The unemployment rate was 8.6 percent in September, while it was 8.3 percent in December . The economic effect of the second wave was generally milder than expected, with many […]

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